On this screen, you can obtain the login ID necessary for using the “Ritsumeikan Program Service,” and register key information.

The “Ritsumeikan Program Service” (hereafter, “this Service”) is a service offered for the purpose of providing notifications, seeking applicants (making applications and replies), and operating each kind of program, event, seminar and questionnaire (hereafter referred to as “Programs and other contents”) held and operated by The Ritsumeikan Trust and each school that is established.

By obtaining a login ID and registering their key information and other necessary information according to each program and so on, the Users of this Service will be able to apply for and reply to the Programs and other contents.

Programs that can be applied for and replied to through this Service.

The personal information registered by means of this Service will be managed appropriately, based on the the “Regulations for the Protection of Personal Information at The Ritsumeikan Trust,” the “Basic Policy for the Protection of Personal Information at The Ritsumeikan Trust,” “The Ritsumeikan Trust Privacy Policy” and “Matters for Announcement According to Laws for the Protection of Personal Information.” This information will not be used for any purpose outside of this service, the Programs and other contents.

〇Information managed as part of this Service, Programs and other contents.
The Ritsumeikan Trust manages and uses the name, e-mail address, login ID (*1), student ID card number and student ID number (*2) (hereafter, “key information”), which consist of information used to identify the User in particular for this Service when this information is registered. Items apart from this key information (hereafter, “individual items”) are collected and managed, limited only to the items necessary for the Ritsumeikan Trust to operate and otherwise carry out each Program and other contents.

 *1: In the case where authentication is required for an application or reply
*2:For students currently enrolled at Ritsumeikan University or Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

〇Applying for termination of access (for registered members of this Service)
Users who have a registered ID with this Service can stop their access by applying for termination of access to this Service.
Click here to apply for termination of your ID for this Service
(URL: https://ritsumei.smktg.jp/public/seminar/view/727)

〇Termination of access and deletion of registered information for login IDs
The User’s login ID for this Service and all related information will be deleted on the first day of the month following the month on which two years has passed since their last login.
If you wish to have your login ID and related information deleted during this period, go to “My Page” and apply to have access terminated for your ID.

How we handle personal information
For inquiries on how the personal information you have registered is handled, contact the secretariat of the Program(s) you are interested in.

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