This program is for writing academic papers in English, guided in English.

In a 40-min one-on-one online session, you will be able to revise your paper and gain the tutor's advice.

A prior booking from this page is required to use the program. Please book by 3 business days in advance.


Please double-check the following when selecting a session:

There are two kinds of sessionsUndergraduate and "MA".

  •  "Undergraduate" is for the sessions for undergraduate students. Your tutor will be a senior year student or master's student. You can work on a paper from any undergraduate class at RU.
  •  "MA" is for the sessions for master's students. Your tutor will be a doctoral student.


Important note for the students from other colleges:

If you are not a student in the College of IR, please ask your course instructor if you can use this program before booking.


Tutorial operating hours

2nd of November 2021 to 20th of Janurary 2022

12:15-12:55 or 16:20-17:00


@the 4th level Koshinkan Reading Room:Tuesdays & Thursdays (drop in available on Thursdays if tutors are not booked out).

Online:    Tuesdays~Friday


*Excluding public holidays (for details please see the reservation page)

  • To participate in the online sessions, you will need the Zoom application. Please have it installed on your network device before your tutorial session.
  • If you have a draft, you can email it by 15:00 on the previous day to the IR office or your tutor during your online session. If you do not know how to send a file through Zoom, please check this page.

What we do

  • Work with students to organize what students would like to discuss in the paper.
  • Help students find what to revise.
  • Give advice/hints on how to amend and better their paper.
  • Explain plagiarism issues and help students understand the rules.
  • Answer questions users have regarding academic writing.

What we do NOT do

  • Correct the paper (No proofreading).
  • Rewrite papers.
  • Translate.
  • Advise users how to get a better grade (tutors are not responsible for users’ grades).
  • Conduct private lessons other than the tutorial session.
  • Conduct tutoring for more than 40 minutes per booking.

Important Notes

  1. Important information about your tutorial session will be in your booking confirmation e-mail. Please read it carefully and prepare for your session.
  2. Please be on time. The session will be cancelled after a 20-minute no-show.
  3. If you do not show up without prior notice, you may lose your chance to make a booking for the rest of the semester. Please be mindful that there are limited spots on offer. Cancel your booking as soon as possible if your plan has changed. You can cancel your booking online up until 3 days in advance of your session.
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